Chugga Press

Working life is mental at the moment, sun and dry weather equals outside play so we’re typically absolutely rammed during the summer months. This year by far has been the busiest to date with projects booked up into the autumn/early winter months. Alongside us stepping away from the physical property (51-53) at the end of the year meaning ceasing to offer our Screen printing service immediately, (2023 will see me taking things freelance) with being so tied up the past few months we’ve made the decision to close the books for 2022. 

Having said this, this is the reason for me not posting on the journal since spring. It’s been too full on, not a complaint just an observation.

However, I have been busy as ever pulling together some new content and have updates coming across the site in general. 

What’s exciting as I gear up for new changes in my working life are some of the new things I’d like to tackle and new processes I’ve now started to learn (and will continue to go on to learn from here on out).

In 2022, fellow writer R exhibited in the WaC event space/gallery. He bought along a series of Risograph prints and as it was first time handling them I was intrigued by the process and so started to look into this more as a viable option to release limited print editions in the future.

I’ve been following Manchester based Chugga Press for some time now but have been waiting until I had some availability in my schedule to get in contact about working with them. Fortunately for me, Greg the owner responded rapidly and we discussed options about roll out and how best to supply artwork. I enquired about the option of a workshop of sorts so I could familiarise myself with the process hand on, something a touch more personal. Greg was incredibly accommodating and said hell yes!

An incredibly warm month zipped by and this weekend I whipped up to Manchester to spend my Sunday morning in great company, learnt a tonne about the Risograph process, asked a million questions (sorry Greg! ha ha) and came away with two of my designs as Risograph prints. 

Beyond stoked! 

You can buy them here (1312 print) and here (Morph & Shakey) which I took Morph during 2015 in Croydon & Shakey during 2021 (or click the images below)