If you know me in real life, like so many of us, once you get me talking about something I’m passionate about in no time at all you’ll be looking at your watch to get away (I’ve recognised it from my own experience, trust me ?). However, once it comes down to me composing something such as an introduction I venture down the road of complete brain fog and struggle to kick start things, particularly in written form.

Well regardless, here goes.

I struggle with the limelight or the glory if you will. I like to consider myself as seldom seen. So much so that the appeal of what has become one of my biggest life altering interests, graffiti, I flocked toward without hesitation. It’s sense of privacy, mystery and style is still as desirable as it was when I first picked up a can at 14 and so after years of having fought with the prospect of stepping into an area of openness by launching my own website I find myself uncomfortable and a little out of my depth.

After multiple late night conversations with friends and my closest peers I figured the best way to launch this website and an introduction to who the hell I am, is tentatively. As my confidence grows with talking so freely so will the frequency of posts.

Currently there are several sections of my creative life that I have focused on here. Each of these areas of work have been presented without comment. As time moves forward I plan on developing these areas and introducing a little context associated but for the current duration of time this is a place for me to see work I’ve produced alongside one another to give me a chance to absorb then dissect it in my own time, so things can organically progress.

This journal will be the main area for me to wax lyrical; Post insights, stories, reviews and where I intend to discuss plans and catch up with so many of the inspirational people I know and love.

Anyway, we move.

Thanks for reading – Enjoy.